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This week

How it Happened June 18

Is anyone planning to beat Aidan at the Half on the Hill next Sunday?  If so, were you out before sunrise Sunday morning rerunning the Solstice Cup course?  Aidan was, according to a reliable source, and not a relaxed jogging pace either.  The winner of the 2022 Solstice Cup was full gas, earbuds in, with not intent on chatting to bystanders.

Aidan is the first backmarker to win the Cup, leading the field from the go on the trip out, turning at the maximum of 3.7km, to then reel in every runner with shorter turnarounds on the trip back home.  His time was 27.51 for the 7.4 kilometre return trip.

He almost didn't get there as that pesky Jones clan again attempted to steal the show.  Bronwyn with a target of 5.4km and Allan with a target of 6.4km were together and feeling confident of a win with only a hundred metres to go.  Allan eased a little, but Aidan had already been alerted out on the course that Bronwyn was an early turner and his biggest threat.  He put pedal to metal and the two were shocked by his sudden appearance.  Aidan sprinted to a three seconds gap over Allan, another six to Bronwyn, and the faces of all three told the story of the effort.

It was a short wait for more runners who missed out on the podium, but running well were Ashley (4th at 5km), Tom and Georgia (equal 5th at 4.8km and 5km), Chris (7th at  6.4km) and Derek exceptional at 8th with a very tough 7km distance.

Then along came the first Junior in Digby.  Thanks to his recent good form he had a tough 6.4km target but was not easily detered as he won this race two years ago and ran with confidence.  Second was Charlie running 5.4km who held out until close to the line, and third went to Nate which was a tremendous effort considering his cruel 7.0km target.  It is too far for a youngster so it is lucky we only use this format once in the year.  Next week we will be back to sensible Short course distances, but this is good fun for a change.

A special mention goes to Brendon at 19th who preceeded the run with two games of hockey plus refreshments, that's an ironman effort!  The finishers dribbled in until dark, mostly walkers who had the minimum distance of 4.6km to complete rather than their normal 3km, and pleased the fire was burning to guide the way home, and last on the list is Thomas who was relegated for navigational inexactitudes ... on course early but wayward near the finish.

Next week is race one of the Surfer Competition, your choice of 6km Long or 3.3km Short.  Titleholders from 2021 are Hamish and Harry and if you wish to win a trophy, get in early.   Comps have been won by early bolters who leave only footprints and dust, and no chance of recapture.

The Feral’s meet at the green water tower opposite pioneer park for a 4:30pm start.  Some people chose to run and others enjoy a walk and a chat, either way all are welcome to join us.

New members are always welcome.


PLEASE BE ON TIME           ENTER BEFORE 4:20               RACE STARTS 4:30


Things to Remember each week

Runners must wear tags when participating in Feral events.  Apart from the timing, it is a saftey measure.   The tags serve to monitor those runners who have commenced their run and are still out on the track.   It is not appropriate to turn up on the Hill on a regular basis without wearing a tag.

Zero start times

Zero handicaps are only for the slowest runners and for the walkers, so if you do not fit this description and you are given zero, please enquire with the race director.  It is not usually our mistake, just that prior circumstances have dictated a zero which may need to be changed back (see below).

Also, if you have a Short course handicap (say 8min) and you want to walk, we prefer if you walk off that handicap (8min) ... you won't finish far behind, and it saves us a lot of time and possible mistakes in adjustments to and fro (see above).

We do allow Long course walkers to start off zero ... just let the race director know ... otherwise it is disq

Did Not Finish?  We need to know. All non-finishers / short cutters / other issues - report to the race director

 Instant Results ... we are putting the results online, at the finish line, so your loved one can know what mood you're in before you get home.  (Will it be a hot bath or a cold shower?  Champagne, or a beer in the dog house?) However ... be aware that these are preliminary results and will almost always change when joggers are added, deleted and edited.  You may drop a few places, rise a few places, or even, heaven forbid, get disq'd.  So if the fine details matter to you, drop back again later.