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This week

2021 Arsova Comp race 8

Feral Vice President (VP) Jeremy Woodhouse saves the dignity of the veteran Feral runners in an all-out assault by the Morshead teenagers to dominate the long course Arsova competition.

To curb the Morshead assault the handicapper dished out an extra 30 seconds to Harry and 15 seconds to James. The boys pushed back.

James Morshead was 1st (25minutes 47second) VP Jeremy Woodhouse  2nd (29minutes  26seconds), Harry Morshead 3rd (24minutes 15seconds) and Morshead dad Chris was 4th.

With only one more race to go in the Arsova, competition is fierce. The first 7 to cross the line last week all ran another PB and a mere 7 points separate the top 4 contenders for the trophy. Harry leads with 190 points, then James with 187 points, providing some self-respect to the veterans is Jeremy 186 points and then another teenager in Hamish Gunn on 183 points.

The short course only attracted 9 competitors this week. Lynsey Pasin (17 minutes 52 seconds) clocked up her 4th win consolidating her lead in the competition. Katherine Zahra (21 minutes 40 seconds) was 2nd followed by Drew Braithwaite (17 minutes 6 seconds). The only way Pasin (275 points) could lose this competition is for her to not run this week and for Cooper Savage currently on 236 points to win race 9 and collect the 40 points for 1st place.

Franks Service Centre 26 weeks awards this week went to Cooper Savage.

As the Feral year draws to an end we need to acknowledge and support where we can our sponsors for 2020-2021. This week thank you to Owen Toyota, Griffith City Volkswagen, Win Television and Griffith City Hire.

FINALLY, A REMINDER.....we return as a group for Saturday hills run on October 30th. Race time is 5:30pm (due to daylight savings) but we ask everyone get there by 5:15pm as we have a few presentations to do, along wth the all important race briefing for the Shank's Pony Cup. If you miss this briefing you will need to sit out the race. Proof of double-vaccination for COVID-19 must be provided in order to enter the race area and to compete. A celebratory BBQ and drinks will be provided after the run.


October Feral Committee Report

The committee of the Feral Joggers recently met for their October meeting. The following key points came out of the meeting:

  1. Thank you to David Heffer who has updated our first aid kit.
  2. Thank you to Simon Bonny of Syngenta: Syngenta has been a sponsor of the Griffith Feral’s for many years. Because Simon is now not based in Griffith Syngenta powers at be (not Simon) have ceased their sponsorship.
  3. 2021 Jogger’s Dinner. New rules of the NSW Government are that all members must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend the dinner at Pioneer Park, being a Griffith City Council venue.
  4. Return to the Hill (inc. Drinks/BBQ) NSW Government regulations allow community sport to return when vaccination rates hit 80% however all participants, volunteers and spectators must be fully vaccinated. We return to hill runs on 30th October for the Shanks Pony Cup provided NSW hits the 80% vaccination rate.
  5. City 2 Surf – hosted by Feral’s. The 2021 City 2 Surf is a virtual event being held from Sunday 17th October for a week.
    Ron will mark a course out this Friday & Saturday for anyone to use to record a time. You just need to down load the City 2 Surf app. You can run anywhere, not just this  Anyone wishing to help is welcomed. Ron 0497 157 437
  6. Vice President Jeremy Woodhouse will reach 2000km in race 9 of the Arsova
  7. New members: - welcome to Carolyn Connell
  8. Club History The history of the club is in various forms and various locations including the website, AGM reports, committee meeting minutes and in people’s heads. The collation of the club memoirs was suggested. Possibly presenting something in line with a major milestone for the club e.g., 40th or 50th Stories, photos reports etc welcomed



PLEASE BE ON TIME           ENTER BEFORE 5:20               RACE STARTS 5:30


A reminder to runners that they must wear tags when participating in Feral events.  Apart from the timing, it is a saftey measure.   The tags serve to monitor those runners who have commenced their run and are still out on the track.   It is not appropriate to turn up the Hill without wearing a tag on a regular basis.


A reminder, that zero handicaps are only for the slowest runners and for the walkers, so if you do not fit this description and you are given zero, please enquire with the race director.  It is not usually our mistake, just that prior circumstances have dictated a zero which may need to be changed back (see below).

Also on start times, if you have a Short course handicap (say 8min) and you want to walk, note that we prefer if you walk off that handicap (8min) ... you won't finish far behind, and it saves us a lot of time and possible mistakes in adjustments to and fro (see above).


Please be early to the start line – you should be entered before X:20pm.

Did Not Finish?  We need to know. All non-finishers / short cutters / other issues - report to the race organiser.

Note about Results ... we are putting the results online, at the finish line, so your loved one can know what mood you're in before you get home.  (Will it be a hot bath or a cold shower?  Champagne, or a beer in the dog house?) However ... be aware that these are preliminary results and will almost always change when joggers are added, deleted and edited.  You may drop a few places, rise a few places, or even, heaven forbid, get disq'd.  So if the fine details matter to you, drop back again later.